Bedok Reservoir Ultra

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Course Record (new route since 2023)
Steven Leong Hong Kang
29 laps in 11hr 53min on 24 June 2023

Chloe Sia Kui Lan
21 laps in 11hr 30min on 24 June 2023

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Date: 24 Jun 2023 Saturday
Start Time: 7.00am
Finish Time: 7.00pm
Distance: 4.38km per loop
Terrain: Tarmac & Gravel
Minimum Required Loops/Distance to be completed: 
*Solo participants - 12 loops (total 52.5km)
*Team of 2 participants - 12 loops combined (total 52.5km)
Event Site: Between Lamp Post C18 & C19 of the Reservoir Lawn , which is 280 metres from Car Park B (entry to the car park is from Tampines Ave 10 as shown in the map below) (Click HERE to view the location on Google Map)

(Click HERE to view the location on Google Map)

Participants are to follow the route shown below in a CLOCKWISE direction:

NOTE: The route for 2023 is different from previous editions.
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Download the GPX file HERE

Checkpoint/Aid Station
*There will be 1 Checkpoint/Aid Station, located at the Start/Finish area.

*Participants can access the Checkpoint/Aid Station every loop.

*The items provided by the organiser at the Checkpoint are for official participants & event crew/volunteers only.  Non-participants are not allowed to take/consume any items provided by the organiser.

*The following items will be provided at the Checkpoint:
-Water (please Bring Your Own Cup/Bottle)
-Tailwind Endurance Fuel drink (please Bring Your Own Cup/Bottle)
-Coke (please Bring Your Own Cup/Bottle)
-Bread with Nutella
NOTE: Non-critical items are subject to availability.

*Professional Medics will be stationed at the Start/Finish area and an ambulance will be on standby at Car Park B.

Bag Deposit
*Participants can deposit a personal bag for the Finish/post-race at the Checkpoint.  Please do not leave any valuable items in it as we'll not be responsible for loss/damage.
*Please self-mark/self-label your personal bag with your bib number & name BEFORE depositing it so you can recognise it.
*Bag deposit will be open from 6.00am till 7.30pm on race day.
*All bags must be collected by 7.30pm on race day.  Unclaimed bags will be disposed after 7.30pm.

Personal Race-Essential Items
*Participants can use any space available at the event site to leave their race-essential items, such as clothes/shoes/socks/nutrition.

Race Day Schedule
*6.00am onwards - Bib number tag collection & Bag deposit open
*6.55am - Group photo at Start line
*7.00am - Flag off
*7.00pm - Final lap must be completed by 7.00pm
*7.15pm - Trophy presentation to Top 5 Males/Females & Top 3 Teams
*7.30pm - All bags must be collected/claimed

Minimum Loops Required
*To be considered a FINISHER & to receive the finisher items, participants will need to complete the following minimum number of loops:
- SOLO category: minimum 12 loops (52.5km)
- TEAM of 2 category: minimum 12 loops combined (does not have to be evenly spread between both team members)

- There is no limit on the number of loops as long as the loops are done between 7am and 7pm.

- Any loop completed after 7.00pm will not be counted.

Finisher Entitlements
*All participants who complete the minimum required number of loops will receive the following:
- 1 Finisher Tee
- 1 Finisher Medal
NOTE: Participants can opt out of the Tee/Medal during registration.  The cost will then be donated to charity.

Terms & Conditions
*The route must be completed in a clockwise direction.
*All waste/rubbish must be disposed into the waste bins/trash bags.
must Bring Your Own Cup/Bottle/Utensils/Bowl/PlateThese items will not be provided by the organiser as part of our go green effort to reduce waste of single-use items.
items (such as drinks & food) provided by the organiser is for participants & official volunteers only.  Supporters/Pacers are not permitted to take/consume the items provided by the organiser.  We will penalise/issue a DQ status to the participant whom the supporter/pacer is supporting.  So please advise your supporters/pacers to be self-sufficient.

Registration Fee
- SOLO category:
*S$xx per person (pay by PayNow/PayLah)
*S$xx per person (pay by Credit/Debit Card)

- Team of 2 category:
*S$xx per team of 2
pay by PayNow/PayLah)
*S$xx per team of 2 (pay by Credit/Debit Card)

Registration is CLOSED.
Payment with PayNow/PayLah/Transfer:

*Payment with Credit/Debit card: