High Hand Challenge 高手挑战

The HIGH HAND Challenge 高手挑战 has been specially created to challenge your physical & mental limits over a tough course which has the hardest part thrown in at the beginning & again at the end! 

Finishers will be awarded the 50K UTMB Index.

Are you worthy to be a High Hand 高手?

*Distance: 50km
*Elevation Gain: 1,300m
*UTMB Index: Finishers will be awarded the 50K UTMB Index

Race Format
*Participants are to self-navigate.  There are various ways to assist you with navigation, such as your GPS watch (Note: Not all GPS watch models have navigation feature so please check if you're unsure) or using apps such as the RunGo app.  We also recommend a recce be done prior to the actual run, especially at unfamiliar sections.

*Participants must complete the full route on foot.

Water will NOT be provided .
Cups will not be provided. Participants are to bring their own cup/flask/bottle.
- Items are subject to availability and may/may not be replenished. 
There will not be any type of setup at the support points.
- The items provided are for official participants only, not for support crew/pacer.  

*Participants are to be self-sufficient.  External support is allowed.  There are numerous locations along the route where drinks & food can be obtained/purchased, such as water coolers, vending machines, convenience stores, cafe/restaurants.

NOTE: Please ensure you have sufficient fluid/nutrition with you. 

*Participants are responsible for their own health/safety.  There is no medical support provided.  Participants should have their personal health/accident insurance plan. In the event of an emergency requiring assistance, participants can do either of the following:
- Dial 995 for emergency ambulance/medical service.
- Contact the organiser/family/friends for assistance.

*Participants should carry their mobile phone during the event, as it'll be useful in the event of emergencies. 

*We recommend participants wear bright/reflective apparel so other road/path users are aware of their presence.

*If feeling unwell, please do not start/continue.  

*It's recommended to have first aid items with you for emergencies, e.g. plaster, blister prevention/treatment.

Time Penalty
*A time penalty will be added if any section(s) is skipped (unless there are obstacles along the route).  Hence, we highly recommend participants do a recce of the sections of the route they're unfamiliar with.

*The amount of time penalty to be added is at our discretion.

*The finishing time will be based on elapsed time.  It includes all rest time, obtaining food/drinks, detours to restroom, etc.

*After verifying the route taken by the participant & finalising the finish time, an E-Certificate will be issued to all Finishers. 

Recommended Items
*Mobile Phone
*Cash/Coins/Credit Card
*Hydration flask/bladder

Finisher T-Shirt
*Participants can add-on a Finisher Tee for an additional S$23.00, inclusive of shipping to a Singapore address.