Craze Ultra

Results (WSER Qualifying Roue) - Craze Ultra 2023
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Finishers of the Craze Ultra 2023 101km Western States Endurance Run qualifying route (Route A) in under 22 hours are eligible to enter the ballot for the 2024 Western States Endurance Run 

Finishers of the Craze Ultra 2023 101km will be awarded the 100K UTMB Index

Results - Craze Ultra 2022
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*Time Limit: 24 hours 
*Distance: 101km
*Elevation Gain:
- +2,900m (Route A-WSER Qualifying Route)
- +2,100m (Route B-Standard Route)
*Western States Endurance Run (WSER) Qualifier: Participants who complete the Craze Ultra 2023 101km Route A (WSER Qualifying Route) under 22 hours are eligible to enter the ballot for the WSER 2024.
*2 Routes are available:
- Route A: WSER Qualifying route (for those who wish to enter the ballot for WSER)
- Route B: Standard route (Non-WSER Qualifying route)

*UTMB Index:
 Finishers of either routes will be awarded the 100K UTMB Index

*Timing Points: Participants are to check in at pre-determined points along the route.
*Special Needs Bag: Participants have the option to deposit 1 small waterproof/dry bag each, which can contain any item(s) they need such as shoe/socks/clothes/nutrition.  For those doing Route A (WSER Qualifying route), it will be accessible at the 79.7km location.  For those doing Route B (standard route), it will be accessible at the 53km location.  Both locations are at the same place.
Ice, Coke, Chips & Longan will be provided for participants at various locations (please refer to the Support section below).  Participants are to be self-sufficient & can also have a support crew/pacer.  NOTE: The items provided by the organiser are for participants only, not for support crew/pacer.


*Participants who complete the 101km within the respective elapsed time shown in the above table will attain the respective Crazee Level & will be inducted into the Craze Ultra 101km Hall of Fame.


*7.00pm: Participants who are doing Route A (WSER Qualifying route) MUST cross the 79.7km Checkpoint by 7pm.  Participants of Route B MUST cross the 53km Checkpoint by 7pm.  Any participant who exceeds the cutoff time at this Checkpoint will be considered as DNF (Did Not Finish).

*There are 2 Route options available (both are new for 2023):
- Route A (Western States Endurance Run Qualifying Route)
- Route B (Standard route)

*GPX File for the route - It will be included in the confirmation email which will be emailed to you within 48 hours.  NOTE: The route may be changed due to route closures.  We will send an updated GPX file if there are any changes.

*Participants are to self-navigate.  There are no signages.  There are various ways to assist you with navigation, such as your GPS watch which must be uploaded with the GPX file of the route (Note: Not all GPS watch models have navigation feature so please check if you're unsure) or using apps such as the RunGo app.  We also recommend a recce be done prior to the actual run, especially at unfamiliar sections. 

*The arrival time of participants will be recorded manually at the following locations during the respective time period indicated below:
- 53km(Route B) & 79.7km(Route A) (1.00pm to 7.00pm)

*Locations & timings of the timing points listed above may be modified/added/extended.

*When participants arrive at the timing points, they must inform the crew/time recorder of their name.   

*There will not be any type of setup at the timing points.       

*As part of our value-added service, p
articipants can opt to deposit 1 small-sized waterproof/dry bag (maximum capacity of 15 litres) each at the Start.  The Special Needs Bag will be transported to the 53km(For Route B) / 79.7km(For Route A) location where participants can access their bag between 1.00pm till 7.00pm.  Participants can utilise this special needs bag to store any item(s) they need, for example, shoe/socks/clothes/nutrition.  

*Please use a waterproof/dry bag or similar type which is leak-proof/secure & self-mark/label the bag with your name/e-bib number prior to depositing it.  We reserve the right to reject any bag which is not in a leak-proof/waterproof/dry bag.  We will also reject bags that are larger than 15 litres.

*At the checkpoint, before handing the special needs bag back to the organiser, participants must pack all their items into the bag and ensure it's properly closed/sealed to prevent leakage.

*After 7pm, all special needs bags will be transported back to the FINISH, where it will be available for self-collection from approximately Sat 9pm till Sun 7.30am.  For uncollected bags, you may arrange to self-collect from the Race Director after the event is over.  

*Ice, Coke, Chips & Longan will be provided at the following distances/time period (same locations as the Timing Points):
10km (7.45am to 8.45am)
 53km(Route B) & 79.7km(Route A) (1.00pm to 7.00pm)

- Water will NOT be provided as there are water coolers near the support stations.
Cups will not be provided. Participants are to bring their own cup/flask/bottle.
- Items are subject to availability and may/may not be replenished. 
There will not be any type of setup at the support points.
- The items provided by the organiser are for official participants only, not for support crew/pacer.  Participants will have a wrist tag which identifies them as an official participant.
*Locations & timings of the support points listed above may be modified/added/extended.

*Participants are to be self-sufficient & should bring money (for example: cash/coins/card/mobile payment) to purchase food/drinks along the way.  

*Participants are allowed to have a support crew/pacer.  NOTE: The items provided by the organiser are for official participants only, not for support crew/pacer.

*Do not litter.  Please dispose all waste/rubbish into the waste bins along the way.  If you litter, you will be disqualified.

*Participants are responsible for their own health/safety.  There is no medical support provided.  Participants should have their personal health/accident insurance plan. In the event of an emergency requiring assistance, participants can do either of the following:
- Dial 995 for emergency ambulance/medical service.
- Contact the organiser/family/friends for assistance.

*Participants should carry sufficient drinks/food.  

*Participants should carry their mobile phone during the event, as it'll be useful in the event of emergencies.  It can also aid in navigation & provide lighting in case some places are unlit at night.

*We recommend participants wear bright/reflective apparel so other road/path users are aware of their presence.

*If feeling unwell, please do not start/continue.

*It's recommended to have first aid items with you for emergencies, e.g. plaster, blister prevention/treatment.

*Participants should follow the COVID-19 guidelines, if any.


*After finishing, participants are to upload their activity to their respective app, such as STRAVA/Garmin/Coros/Suunto/etc.  The organiser will then verify the route taken via the participant's STRAVA account (or any other app) before the results are finalised & published on this website.

*A time penalty will be given if a participant misses any part of the route.

*Participants are to ensure they have configured their app's settings to allow the organiser to view their activity & route map.

*All finishers will be awarded with a quick dry/ultralight Finisher Tee, which will be mailed out after the event.  The event entry fee includes shipping to a Singapore address.  For overseas shipping, there will be additional charges.  NOTE: You can opt out of the tee & the cost will be donated to charity.

*By registering for this event, you fully agree to participate at your own risk & fully indemnify the organiser and its partners/sponsors(if any) against any claim(s), not limited to medical/monetary, for any issue(s), injury and/or death as a result of your participation.

*Exchange of T-Shirt size is subject to availability & the participant is to bear the costs of exchanging the T-Shirt.

*After payment of the registration fee, the participant acknowledges and accepts that there will not be any partial or full refund.  In addition, the entry fee cannot be rolled over/transferred to another event.  However, transfer of the entry to another person is allowed & free of charge.


*Inclusive of:
- A Finisher Tee (quick dry & ultralight fabric) with shipping to a Singapore address.  NOTE: You can opt out of the tee & the cost will be donated to charity.
- 2-way transport of 1*Special Needs Bag (From the Start to the 53km(Route B) / 79.7km(Route A) location & back to the Finish)
- Ice, Coke, Chips & Longan at the specified support points

- E-Certificate

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