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We will be back on 27 Jul 2024

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29 July 2023

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Welcome to The Xterminator, a Race of Xtermination, where the last one will be Xterminated.

*Date: 27 July 2024 Saturday
*Start Time: 3.00pm
*Location: Lorong Sesuai (Map)
*Entry Fee: Free of charge
*Entry Limit: 20 slots, first come first served basis.

*Participants will start together from the vehicle parking area at Lor Sesuai (as shown in the below photo), run/walk downhill for 350 metres then make a U-turn (as shown in the below photo) and run/walk uphill for 350 metres back to the start point to complete a lap.  Each lap is 700 metres with an elevation gain of 40 metres.

*The last person to complete each lap will be Xterminated & is out of the race.  He/She shall not start/join the next/subsequent lap(s).  If 2 or more participants finish last together, they will be Xterminated.

*A new lap will be started 3 minutes after the 2nd last person has completed the previous lap.  All participants (excluding those who have been Xterminated) must start the new lap together.  Any participant who does not join in the group start will be considered as self-Xterminated & is out of the race.

*The final lap will commence with the final 2 remaining participants & the winner (aka The Xterminator) will be the 1st person to complete the final lap.  However, if both participants complete the final lap together at the same time, there will be an ultimate challenge after the final lap to decide who will emerge as The Xterminator.

*View via Google Map HERE
*View via MapMyRun HERE

*Entry is free of charge & is limited to 20 slots, first come first served basis.  We will notify you via email if your entry is successful.

*We will have a waitlist for 10 participants in the event any of the 1st 20 registrants are unable to take part.  If there is any slot(s) available, the slot will be offered to the 1st person on the waitlist.

*All participants will receive an e-certificate after the event.

*This is a fun challenge & there is no setup/support of any kind.

*The nearest toilet is 850 metres away, at Shell Station along Upper Bukit Timah Road

*You may bring your own supplies such as drinks/nutrition/first aid.

*Only run/walk is allowed.  Use of any transport/device is not allowed & you will be Xterminated if you're using any.

*Use of hiking/trekking/running pole(s) is NOT ALLOWED.  You will be Xterminated if you're using any type/form of pole(s).

*Pacing by non-participants and/or obtaining/receiving any type/form of assistance is NOT ALLOWED along the route and/or whilst you are in the midst of doing each lap.  You can only obtain/receive assistance from your crew/supporters(if you have) at the vehicle parking area.  You will be Xterminated if you fail to adhere to the above.

*Participants who do a U-Turn before/earlier than the designated U-Turn point will be Xterminated.

*Please ensure you are in good health before taking part as the intensity/effort/stress on your body can be extremely high if you push very hard.  There is no medical/first aid support provided.  If you require medical assistance/ambulance/hospitalisation/first aid items/surgery/medical items, all costs are to be borne by you and is non-claimable from the organiser.  By registering, you agree that the organiser will not be held liable for any injury/death as a result of your participation in the event.

*This fun challenge is held in a public area.  Please respect other users by not making loud noises and please be considerate at all times.

*Please DO NOT LITTER.  Please dispose all rubbish into the proper waste bins located at the area.

*SAFETY should be top priority.  As this takes place on a road, please stay on the side of the road and do not run/walk in the middle of the road.  Stay clear of vehicles/bicycles/transport devices.

Will you be The Xterminator or will you be Xterminated

*Will be open in 2024