Smash & Destroy

Welcome to the Smash & Destroy 80/80 challenge where you will either Smash & Destroy the races OR be Smashed & Destroyed without sympathy.

With 2 days of 80km per day, coupled with lots of climbing over a route designed to Smash & Destroy your legs, this challenge will possibly bring you down to your knees and make you feel sorry for your poor jelly legs.

Will you Smash & Destroy this 80/80 challenge OR be Smashed & Destroyed?

Day 1
Event: SMASH 80
Start Date: 7 April 2023 Friday
Start Time: 8.00am
Cutoff Time/Date: 
7.00am 8 April 2023 Saturday
Start & Finish: MacRitchie Reservoir, adjacent to the car drop-off/pick-up point (MAP)
Distance: 80km
Elevation Gain: ~1,800m
Terrain: 45% Trail, 55% Tarmac/Concrete

Day 2
Event: DESTROY 80
Start Date: 8 April 2023 Saturday
Start Time: 8.00am
Cutoff Time/Date: 7.00am 9 April 2023 Sunday
Start & Finish: Marang Trail (near Harbourfront MRT Exit D) (MAP)
Distance: 80km
Elevation Gain: ~1,800m
Terrain: 100% Tarmac/Concrete

Start/Finish Location
Day 1 (SMASH 80) Start/Finish (MAP)

Day 2 (DESTROY 80) Start/Finish (MAP)

Route Map/Elevation Profile
*Please study the route map in detail as there several Out & Back sections.

*The route may be revised.  Please check here for updates (if any) as we get closer to race day.

*The GPX file of the route(s) will be sent to participants in the confirmation email.
Day 1 Route (SMASH 80)
*View the Smash 80 route via Google Map HERE

Day 2 Route (DESTROY 80)
*View the Destroy 80 route via Google Map HERE

NOTE:The GPX file of the route(s) will be sent to participants in the confirmation email.

Race Format
*Both races will start exactly at 8.00am on each day.

*The cutoff time is 23 hours 00 minutes (7.00am the next day) for each race, based on elapsed time.

*Participants are to make their own way to the respective start point(s) via any mode of transport at their own expense.

*Participants are to complete the pre-determined route(s) in a counter-clockwise direction.

*Participants are to be self-sufficient & must complete the full route on foot.  Support crew & pacer(s) are allowed.  There are numerous locations along the route(s) where water/snacks/food can be obtained from, such as water coolers, petrol stations, vending machines, coffeeshops, convenience stores.

Verification of Route
*After finishing, participants are to upload their activity to their respective app, such as STRAVA/Garmin/Coros/Suunto/etc

*The Race Director, Ben Swee, will verify the route taken via participant's activity uploaded/recorded in STRAVA/any other app.  Hence, please allow Ben to follow your STRAVA profile & ensure your settings are set to allow followers/public to view your activity.  If you do not know the URL link to your STRAVA, please follow Ben's STRAVA.

Time Penalty
*A time penalty will be added if any section(s) is skipped (unless there are obstacles along the route).  Hence, we highly recommend participants do a recce of the sections of the route they're unfamiliar with.

*The Race Director will review the participants' route via their respective STRAVA activities after the race.

*The amount of time penalty to be added is at the Race Director's discretion.

*The finishing time will be based on elapsed time, which is the time taken from the start of the activity until the activity is completed at the finish line.  It includes all rest time, obtaining food/drinks, detours to restroom, etc.

*After verifying the route taken by the participant & finalising the finish time (based on elapsed time), results will be posted on this page & on Running Guild's facebook page.

*An E-Certificate will be issued to all Finishers.  Only 1 E-Certificate will be issued, regardless of finishing either 1 of the races, or both races.

Finisher Requirements
*To qualify as a Finisher, participants must meet all of the following requirements:
1. Start at 8.00am on race day.
2. Complete the pre-determined route(s) in a counter-clockwise direction within 23 hours 00 minutes
(7.00am on the next day), inclusive of time penalty, if any.
3. Complete at least 1 of the 2 races on the respective dates within 23 hours 00 minutes.

*Participants will not qualify as a Finisher if:
- They complete any of the race(s) in more than 23 hours. 
- They start earlier or later than the official start time of 8.00am on race day.
- They use a route that is different from the pre-determined route.

Hall of FAME
*Participants must start at 8.00am on both race days & complete BOTH races on the pre-determined route within 23 hours 00 minutes elapsed time for each race to qualify for the Hall of FAME.  Finishers of only 1 of the 2 races will not qualify for the Hall of FAME.

*Hall of FAME Level
(based on the combined total elapsed times from both races):
- Elite Level: sub-20 hours (19hr 59min & faster)
- Legendary Level: 20hr 00min to 23hr 59min
- Master Level: 24hr 00min to 29hr 59min
- Junior Level: 30hr 00min to 46hr 00min
- The time taken between the finish of the 1st race and the start of the 2nd race is excluded.  

- For example, if a participant completes the SMASH 80 at 5pm (9hrs elapsed time), takes a break of 15 hours(till 8am next day) & completes the 2nd race, the DESTROY 80 at 6pm (10hrs elapsed time), the combined total elapsed time is 19hrs, which qualifies for the Elite Level in the Hall of FAME.

Recommended Kit

*Mobile Phone
*Cash/Coins/Credit Card
*Hydration flask/bladder
*Headlamp/Torchlight (some sections may be dark at night due to faulty streetlights)

Finisher T-Shirt
*Participants can add-on a Finisher Tee for an additional S$23.00, inclusive of shipping to a Singapore address.

*The race(s) completed will be indicated on the Finisher Tee.

*The design will be published when it's ready.

*Registration Fee: S$xx per person
*The registration fee includes:
- 1 E-Bib
- 1 E-Certificate
*Participants can opt to purchase a Finisher T-shirt for an additional S$23 per T-shirt, inclusive of shipping to a Singapore address.  The race(s) completed will be indicated on Finisher T-Shirt.

*Participants can register for either 1 of the races or both races.
*A confirmation email (including the e-bib number tag & the GPX file) will be sent to participants within 48 hours or so after payment has been received & verified by Ben.

Registration for the 2nd edition is not yet open