Singapore 200 Miles Ultra


200 Miles (322km)

Self-Supported. Self-Navigate. Self Aid.

Just you & 200 Miles of Honour.  
A Priceless Journey.

The 200 Miles Journey.  Own It.
Welcome to the 7th edition!
Start: 17 May 2024 Friday, 9.00pm (2100hrs)
Finish by: 20 May 2024 Monday, 11.00pm (2300hrs)
Time Limit: 74 Hours
Start & Finish Venue
MacRitchie Reservoir (outside the Amenities Centre - Map)

17 May 2024 Friday
8.55pm - Group Photo
9.00pm - Start

20 May 2024 Monday
11.00pm - Official Cutoff (74 hours)

Note: The route may be amended as we get closer to race day
View the Route via the following methods:

GPX File: Click HERE to download

Elevation Profile
The Elevation Gain is approximately 5,000m.

  • None.
  • It is your own integrity.

Verification of Route
*After finishing, participants are to upload their activity to their respective app, such as STRAVA/Garmin/Coros/Suunto/etc. 

*The Race Director, Ben Swee, will verify the route taken via participant's activity uploaded/recorded in STRAVA/any other app.  Hence, please allow Ben to follow your STRAVA profile & ensure your settings are set to allow followers/public to view your activity.  If you do not know the URL link to your STRAVA, please follow Ben's STRAVA.

Time Penalty
*A time penalty will be added if any section(s) is skipped (unless there are obstacles along the route).  Hence, we highly recommend participants do a recce of the sections of the route they're unfamiliar with.

*The Race Director will review the participants' route via their respective STRAVA activities after the race.

*The amount of time penalty to be added is at the Race Director's discretion.

*The finishing time will be based on elapsed time, which is the time taken from the start of the activity until the activity is completed at the finish line.  It includes all rest time, obtaining food/drinks, detours to restroom, etc.

*An E-Certificate will be issued to all who finish within the cutoff time.  


  • This is a 100% self-supported & self-navigate event.  Support crew/pacers are allowed.
  • There are no road closures.  You must stay on the footpaths & follow traffic rules at all times.
  • There are no aid stations nor will medical aid provided.  If you need medical aid, please proceed to the nearest clinic/hospital.  Any medical-related expenses are to be borne by the participant.
  • Directional signages & Distance markers are not setup.
  • This is truly a no frills event.
  • This will be a "Journey of Discovery" & "Exploration of Singapore"
Reporting of Status/Tracking
To reduce/avoid a situation where the organiser/family/friends will be worried for you, all participants are required to update Ben Swee with the following:
1. If you decide to stop & not continue with the event.
2. At every 6 hour interval from 12am onwards (12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm) or at any point you think necessary, every participant (or your support crew/pacer) who is still out on the course, must send a message directly (via Facebook/Whatsapp/SMS) or photo with the following info:
- Your current location (road name/landmark)
- Distance covered
- Any issue you have (if any)
NOTE: If no updates are received on your location/status every 6 hours, the participant may be disqualified or other penalties may be imposed, such as time penalty.

Recommended Items
  • Water/Sports Drink (there are some long stretches without water/food available)
  • Nutrition/Food
  • Headlight/Torchlight
  • Cash/Coins (very important especially for vending machines)
  • Transport card (EZ Link/Credit Card/Mobile Phone)
  • Mobile Phone
  • Power bank
  • Map of the route on your watch/phone
  • Whistle
  • Blinker light (front & back) - to increase visibility of you to others
  • Do not take part/continue if you are unwell.  This is a very challenging distance & should be not taken lightly.
  • The organiser & volunteers (if any) shall not be held liable/bear responsibility for any minor/severe injury/death as a result of your participation. 
  • Ensure you have sufficient food/water with you.
  • Adhere to traffic rules & signals.  Cross only when it is safe.
  • There is no road closure at all.
  • There are no marshals nor support vehicles provided.
  • Please seek medical aid from clinics/hospitals if necessary.
  • Keep on the footpaths at all times.  There may be stretches without footpaths.  In such situation, please run in the direction facing oncoming traffic so you are more alert to their actions.
  • Give way to other path/road users.  Share the footpaths.
List of Hospitals
*Registration Fee: 
- S$10 (Pay via PayNow/PayLah/Transfer)
- S$11 (Pay with Credit Card)

NOTE: The registration fee includes:
- 1 E-Bib
- 1 E-Certificate
- 6-hourly Tracking of your location (based on your reporting of status)

*Participants can opt to purchase a Finisher T-shirt for:
- S$23 (Pay via PayNow/PayLah/Transfer)
- S$25 (Pay with Credit Card) 

Pay via PayNow/PayLah/Transfer
- Click HERE to register

Pay with Credit/Debit card
Click HERE to register



Start on 17 Nov 2023 9pm 74 hours (6th Edition)

Start on 9 Aug 2019 77 hours (5th Edition)

Start on 9 Aug 2018 (4th Edition)

                                                              Start on 28 Dec 2017 (3rd Edition)

At the Finish on 9 Aug 2016 (2nd Edition)

At the Start on 6 Aug 2016 (2nd Edition)