Lucky 88.88km

Thank you for joining us on 17-18 Feb 2024.
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See you at the 5th edition on 8 Feb 2025.
*HUAT to the MAX! with a Lucky 88.88km run/walk/hike.

*Start Date/Time: 8 Feb 2025 8.00am Saturday (5th edition)
*Cutoff Date/Time: 9 Feb 2025 2.00am Sunday (18 hours)

*Start & Finish:
MacRitchie Reservoir (Map)
*Distance: 88.88km
*Elevation Gain: ~1,500m
95% Footpaths/Tarmac.  5% Trail.  

*It is a self-sufpported format.  In addition, there will be a checkpoint providing ice, coke, chips, longan.  Support crew is allowed.

*Participants have the option of depositing a personal special needs bag at the start & it will be transported to the checkpoint.  It will be brought back to the Finish line.

*Participants are to self-navigate. There will not be any route signages.  We recommend doing a recce if you are unfamiliar with any section(s) prior to race day.

*There is no professional medical support.  If medical assistance is required, please either call for an ambulance(dial 995 if it's an emergency OR dial 1777 if it's not an emergency) or make your way to the nearest clinic/hospital.

*Participants who complete the predetermined 88.88km route in one go within a maximum elapsed time of 12 hours 48 minutes (in 1 continuous period including all rests) will be inducted into the Lucky 88.88km Ultramarathon Hall of Fortune.  

Lucky 88.88km Ultramarathon Hall of Fortune

*To qualify to be inducted into the Hall of Fortune, participants MUST complete the predetermined 88.88km route (as shown above, under the Route section) in a maximum time of 12 hours 48 minutes, based on the total elapsed time taken from the Start of the 88.88km until the Finish (inclusive of all types/forms of rest stops/pauses such as resting/eating/drinking/naps/restroom/charging devices/shower).

*Participants will also attain the Fortune Level based on their finish time as shown in the Hall of Fortune table above.  Their e-certificate will indicate the Fortune Level they attained in recognition of their achievement.

*Click HERE to view the Hall of Fortune.

Race Day Schedule
8 Feb 2025 Saturday
-7.30am to 7.50am: Check In/Special Needs Bag deposit
-7.55am: Group photo at the Start
-8.00am: Flag off
-11.30am to 4pm: Operating hours of the Checkpoint(at the 40.5km location)
-5.00pm: Special Needs Bags will be brought back to the Finish
-8.48pm: Cutoff time to qualify for Hall of Fortune (12h 48m)

9 Feb 2025 Sunday
-2.00am: Cutoff time (18 hours after flag off)
-2.30am: All Special Needs Bags must be claimed by 4.30am

Route Map (same as 2024 & may be updated)
The locations of every 5km are indicated by the black icons on the Google map below:

*View the map via:
- Google Map
- RunGo app (this app provides navigation features)
- MapMyRun 
- Garmin Connect

*GPX file - It will be sent via the confirmation email.

Elevation Profile

The estimated Elevation Gain is 1,500m.

- Participants should ensure they are able to view the route map on their device (e.g. mobile phone, watch, etc) BEFORE starting their activity.

Checkpoint (CP)
- Located at 40.5km (Lor Sesuai).
- Operation hours: 11.30am to 4pm (3.5hr to 8hrs after the start).
Ice, Coke, Chips & Longan will be provided for official participants.  Water will NOT be provided at the checkpoint as there are many places to refill/purchase water along the route.

- There will not be any type of setup at the CP except for the items we're providing.
- The items provided by the organiser are for registered participants only.
- Items are subject to availability & may be changed.

Food/Drinks Purchase

*There are numerous locations along the route where food/drinks are available for refill or purchase, such as water coolers, vending machines, petrol stations, convenience stores, mini/super-marts etc.  Most vending machines accept $2 notes & coins and some accept contactless payments. All petrol stations/convenience stores/minimarts will accept contactless payments.  

Special Needs Bag 
- Participants have the option to deposit 1 small waterproof/dry bag (limited to 15 litres capacity) each, which can contain any item(s) such as shoe/socks/clothes/nutrition.  It will be transported to the checkpoint where participants can access it.

- Participants are to provide their own bag, which should be waterproof/tear resistant.  Please self-label the bag with your name/e-bib number for easy identification/retrieval.  Please use your own label/tag & ensure your label is not easily torn off/detached from your bag.  You can use a cable tie or similar to secure your label/tag to your bag.  We recommend using a Waterproof/Dry Bag to prevent your items from getting wet.

- Please refrain from placing valuables/fragile items into the Special Needs Bag as the organiser/crew will not be responsible/liable for any damage loss of any of your item(s).

- Special Needs Bag must be deposited between 7.30am to 7.50am at the start point (the exact location will be informed via email) and will be transported to the checkpoint.

- At the checkpoint, please let the crew know your e-bib number/colour/design of your bag to facilitate retrieval.

- Before handing your bag back to the crew, please pack all your items into your bag & close/seal it properly to prevent loss/leakage of items.

- All special needs bags will be brought back to the Finish from 5pm on 8 Feb 2025 Saturday & must be claimed latest by 10mins after the cutoff time.  Any unclaimed bags/items will be disposed unless prior arrangements have been made with the organiser.

After finishing, participants are to upload their activity to their respective app, such as STRAVA/Garmin/Coros/Suunto/etc.  The organiser will then verify the route taken via the participant's STRAVA account (or any other app) before the results are finalised & published on this website.

*A time penalty will be given if a participant misses any part of the route. 

Tracking/Verification of Activities via Strava

*Strava ( will be used as the primary means of tracking/monitoring participant's activities.  Hence, participants must have a Strava account during the period of the event.

- For those who do not have a Strava account, this is a free-to-join app which you can use it to record your activities OR sync with your activity tracking devices such as Garmin, Coros, Suunto, etc.
Click HERE to view the Guide for Beginners to Strava.
Click HERE to access the Strava Help & Support Centre.

Create a Strava account via any of the below methods:
- Desktop:
- Google Play for Android device: Click HERE
- App Store for iPhone: Click HERE

*In the registration form, you'll need to input your Strava Athlete Name & the URL link to your Strava profile (for example, the URL link to Ben Swee's Strava account is:
NOTE: If you are unable to locate the URL link to your Strava profile, please 'follow' Ben Swee (Click HERE) & he will 'follow' you.

*Please allow Ben Swee to 'follow' your Strava account and set your privacy settings to allow 'Followers' or 'Everyone' to view your activities so he can verify your activities.

*In an email sent by Ben containing your e-Bib number tag, it will include a link to a specially created Strava Club for this event which you need to click on to request to join.  

*A time penalty will be given if a participant misses any part of the route.  The amount of time penalty will be at the organiser's discretion.

Terms & Conditions of Participation

*By registering for the Lucky 88.88km, you fully agree to participate at your own risk & fully indemnify the organiser, and its partners/sponsors against any claim(s), not limited to medical/monetary, for any health issue(s), injury, and/or death as a result of your participation.

*After payment of the registration fee, you acknowledge and accept that there will not be any refund to you, be it a partial or full amount.  In addition, there will not be any roll over of your entry to another event.  However, you can transfer your registration to another person by notifying the organiser.


* Please ensure you are in good health before taking part.  We recommend you have a personal health/accident insurance policy.  

*Please take all necessary precautions before, during & after the activity, such as: medication, first aid/anti-blister kit, sufficient rest/sleep.  

*Do the activity together with someone if it is possible.  If you're heading out alone, please ensure you inform someone about your route, estimated duration & what time you expect to be back to home.  

*Bring along your mobile phone during the activity as it'll be useful in the event of an emergency.  You can also refer to the map on your phone.

*Bring a power bank & charging cable(s) if you are going to be out for a long time, to charge your mobile phone/watch/etc.

*Hydrate & Fuel well before, during & after the activity.

*Stay alert & beware of danger along the route, e.g. pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, motorised devices, potholes, dangerous animals/insects/plants, etc. 

*Please watch out/stay clear of oncoming vehicles, especially when you are on the road/pedestrian crossing/zebra crossing.  Cross only when it's safe to do so. 

*Wear bright/reflective apparel/socks/footwear/items so others are aware of your presence.  You may also wish to bring a headlamp/rear blinker light if you're out at night.

*Be prepared for severe/bad/hot weather/lightning/strong wind.  You may wish to bring a rain jacket/poncho & change of clothes.

*Have a good recovery after the activity, e.g. recovery drink/meal, massage, foam rolling, stretching.


*Registration Fee includes:
- E-Bib number tag (you do not need to print it out) 
- 2-way transport of 1*Special Needs Bag (From the Start to the checkpoint & back to the Finish)
- Ice, Coke, Chips & Longan at the checkpoint
- E-Certificate

*Registration  Fee (Singapore Dollars)
- S$xx per person (payment via PayNow/PayLah/Transfer)
- S$xx per person (payment via Credit Card)

- Limited to 30 slots only. 
- Registration will close by 5 Feb 2025 or when slots are taken up, whichever comes first. 

*Registration  Confirmation

- After verifying payment has been received, a confirmation email with an E-Bib number tag will be sent to you within 48 hours or so.  Please check your junk/spam mail as it may be directed to there.  

*Registration Options & Payment Modes

Payment via PayNow/PayLah/Transfer 
Stay tuned

Payment via Credit Card
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2024 17 Feb (4th edition)